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$100 Delivery into SA


Buyer has had a chance to view an advanced copy of this guarantee online before deciding to purchase a puppy and the buyer agrees to these terms and guarantees simply by the act of accepting the puppy, even if this contract is not signed by the buyer. (WE) represent the seller and (YOU) represent the buyer. This contract takes effect immediately after your payment is received.

YOUR REQUIREMENTS - The warranty will be null and void if you don’t follow the next steps.

Within 3-7 days after receiving the puppy (allowing an extra day for holidays); at your own expenses, you must take your puppy to a licensed veterinarian for the following a full checkup (Heart, rate, pulse, eyes, ears) which must include. (A). A fecal examination for worms/coccidia. (B) A Giardia test. (C) Check for fleas/ticks or any other type of parasites.

Register the microchip within 7 days of receiving the puppy, this information is located on the vaccination records. Will cost you an additional one time fee of $25.99 to register.

Avoid taking your puppy for a walk outside your premises, public parks, pet stores, groomers, until your puppy has all 4 rounds of vaccinations (Ask your vet about future vaccine schedules).

You must spay / neuter your dog before the age of 7 months or at the proper age recommended by your veterinarian.

1 YEAR ON CONGENITAL DISORDERS WARRANTY. Percentage of refunds or reimbursements are based on the value of the puppy, deducting any discounts received. 

Luxating patellas and Hip dysplasia: Full Money back or credit for another puppy.

Deafness or blindness on both ears/eyes: 80% money back.

Cherry eyes, umbilical hernias or declaws: Up to 20% refund (must be done when spaying/neutering).

Inguinal Hernia/retained testicles: Up to 20% refund, (must be done when spaying/neutering).

Other rare conditions: If it is fatal, then a replacement will be the next qualified step. If it is not fatal but still very costly to treat, we will consider up to 80% refund or 80% credit for another puppy.

FIVE YEARS FULL REPLACEMENT - Valid for puppies priced at $1000 or more, If your puppy dies from a hereditary condition within 5 years from the pickup date, you will get another puppy of the same or lower value for free. Puppies priced at.$999.99 or less, will receive 40% credit towards another puppy.

UP TO 30 DAYS MONEY BACK COMMUNICABLE DISEASES POLICY: All puppies include current vaccinations ONLY, which means they need additional shots before they can be 100% immune to diseases, it is the buyer's responsibility to provide additional vaccinations and AVOID exposing the puppy to public environments before the puppy is fully vaccinated.

Canine Parvovirus: 14 days from the release date. Up to 100% refund.

Canine Distemper: 30 days from release date. Up to 100% refund.

Other: 20 days if your vet finds any other uncommon communicable diseases like kennel cough, up to 50% reimbursement.


All puppies are treated for parasites but you may need to do additional dewormings. On the first vet checkup (within 4-7 days) We will reimburse up to $20 back to cover the medication if your vet finds any of the following: Coccidia, Giardia, Worms, Fleas, Ticks, Ear mites, Ear infection, Eyes infection, Skin Infections


Returns are accepted if your puppy is diagnosed with a life threatening condition within the first 7 days from release. If your puppy was shipped by airplane to other states, no need to ship the puppy back, you will either get a full credit for another puppy or a refund up to the value of the puppy.


This is an online contract & it represents the total agreement between the buyer & ABCpuppy.com. No other terms or conditions not mentioned on this contract shall be valid to this sale.

WE ONLY SELL PET QUALITY PUPPIES: We don’t sell champion lines, show dogs, pedigreed lines, AKC or Fancy bloodlines dogs, we sell beautiful puppies and they are sold as “PETS OR COMPANIONS ONLY”. If you are buying a puppy from us it is because you fell in love with him/her and NOT because of his/her bloodlines attributes. 

We don’t DNA test, and we profile their dominant breeds by facial, corporal, and behavioral characteristics. If you are a pet lover then you will be more than happy with our puppies just like everyone else. Remember, there is a slight chance that they may have a small percentage of mixture from other breeds in their ancestry (keep in mind that all modern dogs come from the mixture of other ancient dogs or previous breeds).


Before credit or replacement is approved, a vet report (death or disease) issued by a licensed veterinarian is required (NOT THE BILL).

The seller disclaims any and all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness and under no circumstances the seller can guarantee expected size, personality or temperament, adult colors, ear set, breeding ability, house breaking ability, coat type, tail size (whether it's clipped/unclipped).

The warranty will not cover cosmetical or non serious issues like small heart murmurs (will disappear in 99% of the time), overbites ,underbites, extra toes on rear legs (You may easily have your vet declaw at the same time you spay or neuter), and Strabismus.

The warranty will NOT cover neglect, abuse, lost or stolen pets however we could give you a discount if you buy another puppy from us.

This warranty is non-transferable. If you give away, sell or donate your puppy/dog, the warranty becomes null.

The value of the pet for the purpose of this guarantee is solely the original purchase price, and does not include any additional prices declared by the buyer.

Seller guarantees that the buyer will receive the exact puppy discussed via email, by photos, and over the phone (To make sure and avoid the mistakes of identities, we have microchipped all our puppies).

Venue and jurisdiction for litigation arising out of or related to ABCpuppy.com (Cspuppies) shall lie exclusively in Hidalgo County, Texas.

All warranties are valid as long as ABCpuppy.com (DBA Cspuppies) stays in business.


We do not promise, predict or estimate any adult sizes, we simply post the parent's weight so you can rely on that information HOWEVER a puppy may be a few pounds smaller or outgrow a few pounds of their parents. 

If your dog has grown more than 40% of his expected side, we will work on a partial refund as a compensation. Your dog must be 1.5 years old to qualify.


There is a $400 fee if the buyer decides to cancel a transition, or $300 fee if the buyer decides to switch to another puppy. This fee is waived if the puppy is found unhealthy before the release date.


Using a stolen credit card or faking an unauthorized transaction is a crime and you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

We will dispute all chargebacks and will send any unpaid balance to collection agencies where additional fees will apply. Any collateral financial distress created by the buyer will be placed for collections.


Some people with severe allergies can still be allergic to hypoallergenic breeds like shih tzus, poodles, Maltese, and their mixes. If you are one of those persons, please do your own research before purchasing a puppy, expose yourself with these breeds and see how you react, if you live nearby, come to our place to interact with a couple of our puppies and see how you feel. After you purchased and received a puppy and you are having bad allergic reactions, you have 7 days to return the puppy and get a 50% refund of the puppy’s value (deducting delivery fees), the buyer is also responsible for any additional delivery fees. We can also try to help you rehome your dog in your local area using our paid classifieds and advertisements. 


Diseases like Distemper or Parvovirus are found almost anywhere, so you must be very careful. If your puppy DOES NOT have all 4 rounds of shots, you must avoid public parks, pet stores, grooming salons, avoid walking out the puppy on the street. 

Go to your vet as early as possible, most clinics only disinfect when they close or sometimes when they open. If you don't go too early, take the puppy IN A CRATE, and don't let anyone touch your puppy. If possible, wait on your car and have them call you when you are next. 

Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds after coming back from pet supplies, touching or handling other dogs, puppies, door knobs, money, veterinarian’s counter & even their pen, you can never know if someone else brought a sick puppy before you came to these places. 

Spray your shoe soles by adding 1 Oz of bleach on a 32 Oz sprayer bottle. Do this every time you come back from a veterinarian or pet store. You can also buy any sprayer that has bleach from the dollar store.

Once your puppy has all the shots, you don’t have to follow these protocols anymore.


CSPuppies All Rights Reserved
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