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  2. Within 7 days of receiving the puppy, if there is a health issue that needs attention, you will be entitled to receive up to 50% reimbursement for the costs of medications, antibiotics, or dewormings. Puppies priced at $599 or less qualify for up to 25% reimbursement for medication costs. During this 7-day period, we will accept returns for any life-threatening diseases such as parvovirus or distemper.

  3. 5-YEAR HEALTH GUARANTEES: This guarantee is valid for puppies/dogs priced at $600 or more that have not received any discounts/offers. Puppies or dogs that die from a congenital disorder will receive a 50% discount for another puppy.


  5. Take your puppy to a licensed veterinarian within seven days after receiving the puppy for a complete examination, which must include fecal exams for worms/coccidia and Giardia. If the results come back positive, please let us know as soon as possible.

  6. Register the microchip (refer to vaccine records for details).

  7. You must spay/neuter your dog before the age of seven months or at the proper age recommended by your veterinarian.

  8. If behavioral issues arise with the dog, you must seek professional care or training, including but not limited to behavior modification. We highly recommend and encourage you to attend formal obedience training classes with the dog.

  9. Cosmetic and non-life-threatening issues are not included in the warranty (underbites, overbites, lazy eyes, tear stains, hernias, undescended testicles, cherry eyes, allergies to food).

  10. DEPOSITS: Deposits (up to $500) are non-refundable and, depending on the situation, may be partially credited toward another puppy. This rule is voided if the puppy gets sick prior to being released. Additionally, if the buyer decides to switch to another puppy after three days of reserving a puppy, a $200 fee will be applied.

  11. SOLD AS PETS AGREEMENT: Our puppies are sold as pets, companions, or mascots only and do not include registration papers, breeding ability, pedigrees, or 100% lineage purity (they may have more than the described breeds in small proportions). No adult size or colors are guaranteed as we only rely on the parents' description. If you suffer from allergies, we highly recommend that you come in person and spend 15-20 minutes with a puppy to make sure you do not have any allergic reactions.

  12. OUR PROMISES: We will not knowingly support puppy mills as we only work with hobby breeders. Additionally, we will not knowingly sell unhealthy puppies, but if this happens, we will take responsibility according to this health warranty or guarantee. We do not promise that each puppy we sell will be completely healthy; from time to time, puppies can get sick too. However, we will do everything we can to compensate for these issues.

  13. WARNING! PLEASE READ: If your puppy is under four months of age and not up to date on vaccinations, you MUST avoid public places such as parks, dog groomers, pet stores, kennels, boarding facilities, etc. For vet appointments, keep your puppy or puppies in a carrier and do not let anyone put their fingers in their mouth.

  14. Please keep or save this document as a reference. Review it and let us know if something needs correction.


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