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What's the difference between making a reasonable offer and low balling?

The difference between making a reasonable offer and low balling lies primarily in the offer's alignment with market value, fairness, and respect for the other party involved. Here's a more detailed comparison:

Reasonable Offer

  1. Market Alignment: A reasonable offer is based on current market conditions and fair value assessments.
  2. Research-Based: It involves thorough research and understanding of the typical price range or salary for the item, property, job, or service.
  3. Fairness: The offer is fair to both parties, considering the quality, condition, or experience involved.
  4. Mutual Respect: It respects the effort, cost, and value that the other party brings to the table.
  5. Room for Negotiation: While it may leave room for some negotiation, it is close to what is expected or fair for the transaction.
  6. Good Faith: It demonstrates a willingness to engage in a serious and honest negotiation.

Low Balling

  1. Below Market Value: A low ball offer is significantly below the current market value or fair price.
  2. Disregard for Fair Value: It often disregards the true worth, condition, quality, or effort involved.
  3. Aggressive Bargaining: It may be perceived as an attempt to exploit the situation or the other party’s lack of options.
  4. Potential for Offense: It can offend or alienate the other party, leading to a breakdown in negotiations.
  5. Poor Negotiation Tactic: While it might sometimes succeed in securing a deal, it often results in strained relationships and a lack of goodwill.
  6. Risk of Rejection: It has a higher risk of being outright rejected, as it might not be taken seriously.


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