Deposit & Payment Information

Residents of Texas and must pay sales taxes
To avoid high merchant fees, pay with cash and you will get
a free crate. Available for pickups only if no discounts have been applied.

We will not hold puppies without a deposit, sales are based on a "first come first serve' basis, deposits are Non-refundable but can be fully transferable if picking the same pup.


  1. CLICK HERE To secure a puppy using a credit card or PayPal with only $300 deposit (which will be deducted from the balance).
  2. FAX PAYMENT: Please download this FAX PAYMENT FORM fill it out and fax it or email it back to us.
  3.  For bank transfers, Log into your bank account and send a payment to or to 9563322676


MONEY ORDERS: We are now accepting money orders or cashier checks, instructions below.

  • Email us about the puppy you are interested so we can discuss the final price including shipping costs and sales taxes if applicable
  • include your name, full address, two phone numbers, closest airports and delivery dates with your payment.
  • You must overnight the payment and provide us with a tracking / confirmation number so we can put the puppy on hold and avoid selling the puppy while your payment is on its way.
  • To send payment, please send an email and ask us for Payee information.


  • If you need to have your puppy shipped a few weeks later after you have placed your deposit, there is a kenneling fee applied of $5 daily after the first 10 days. (This fee is to cover basic expenses related to food, maintenance, shots, dewormings as needed).
  • After the 7th days from your initial deposit, either the balance or at least an additional $200 will be required so we can continue having your puppy on hold.
  • There is a $300 cancellation fee if you decide to cancel your adoption. If you made us hold your puppy for more than 10 days, there will be an extra $100 weekly charge to be deducted as part of the cancellation fees.
  • A minimum of $300 Deposit is not refundable as it represents a serious commitment from all parties. (Deposit may be refundable ONLY if your puppy is unhealthy and unable to ship within the next 20 days).
  • We don't accept personal checks.
  • All puppies will be STILL available unless your payment or deposit is received, confirmed and secured. We don't accept "I promise" "I give you my word" as a deposit.
  • No puppy is spoken for, even if you seem very interested. As long as there are no deposits received, we are not holding any of our puppies for you.
  • All puppies must be paid in full before they can be shipped or released.
  • Once a payment has been made for a certain puppy, exchanges will be allowed with a $200 switching fee. This fee is waived if your original puppy is found unfit for purchase.
We don't have a payment plan
Some people are confused with what Payment plan is and they believe we should have that option available. The way Payment plans work is based on your credit score and through a financial institution not directly through the seller (us). If you don't have good credit score then most likely you will get declined on most financing options. Below we will show you 2 possibilities to get your puppy financed with low monthly payments but keep in mind we don't control the results.
  1. Bill me later from Paypal, we can send you an invoice which will ask you to apply or click here to apply.
  2. offers credit cards with fair credit score. We already had people using it successfully.

Good luck and let us know if you need further assistance.

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