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The answer is very simple. 

Visit our "About Us" page (Located on the menu, Sub-menu) and review our business credentials, background, and testimonials.

Simply email us at info@abcpuppy.com with the subject "interested in advertising".

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Unfortunately, Each hobby breeder does this part-time only. They all have full-time jobs and can’t be home all day to potty train. So they make sure they have absorbent materials (like shredded paper or doggy pads for example) all over their playpen Just to keep them clean But that obviously will not potty train them However will be a lot easier for you to potty train just one puppy.  

Prices depend on many factors, including dollface or babyface, size, age, color, linage, and it is also up to each breeder's criteria.

Unfortunately no. Our prices are very affordable compared to many other breeders, pet stores, or brokers.

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