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The Poodle, also known as the Pudel in German and Caniche in French, is a water dog breed. The Standard Poodle, Medium Poodle, Miniature Poodle, and Toy Poodle are the four sizes of the breed, albeit the Medium Poodle variant is not commonly recognized.
Elegant, confident, and astute. The Poodle is an impressive dog, as seen by the numerous best-in-show winners in this dog breed. However, beneath the blue ribbons, stunning hairdos, and regal demeanor, you'll discover an amiable family dog with a long history and a variety of skills. If our Poodles are priced under $1500 are sold as "pet quality" only, which means they are not guaranteed to be 100% pure; however, they are guaranteed to be healthy and an excellent fit for families with all sorts of lifestyles. Their sizes vary based on the parent's weight.

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