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Gizmo ID: 2789

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Mom is Blanca

Puppy Name
Puppy ID
MaltiPoo Mix
Mother's Breed
MaltiPoo Mix
Mother's Weight
9 Lbs
Father's Breed
MaltiPoo Mix
Father's Weight
7 lbs

Includes shots, D-wormings, Microchip and health guarantees.

Delivery costs are extra fees explained on the top blue banner.

The term "Mix" means that they are NOT first-generation designer breeds. Both parents may not be first-generation hybrids, and they may or may not be 100% hypoallergenic/shed-free. There is always a possibility of small traces of other breeds in their background. They may come from second to multi-generational parents, and for that reason, they are sold as PETS QUALITY ONLY. Feel free to do a DNA test for your own curiosity; however, we do not guarantee breed purity in the results, if you are a puppy lover, then we can assure that you will be very happy.


Always check the parents' photos and represented breed. Read any remarks noted in the listing description. Please do NOT buy if you are not willing to love these bundles of joy unconditionally. They are definitely cute, loving, and wonderful for pet quality purposes. If you suffer from allergies, we highly recommend that you come in person and spend 15-20 minutes with a puppy to make sure you do not have any allergic reactions.

Remarks: All puppies are sold as pets only, and due to our low prices and limited budget, we cannot guarantee 100% breed purity unless you are paying $5000, which is the typical cost for a pedigreed stud. If you are paying less than $5000 for your puppy, please understand that there might be a small chance of including other breeds, such as Japanese Spitz, Bichon Frise, Cocker Spaniel, Shih Tzu, etc. Please understand that our puppies are sold as pets only, and they come with our health guarantees since their health is what matters most to us. If you suffer from allergies, please make an appointment and spend 15-20 minutes with the puppy you like before making a decision. Do not purchase from us if you are not looking to acquire a pet-quality puppy. Our puppies are beautiful, excellent pets with affordable and reasonable prices. However, if you want a 100% purity guarantee, save up for the cost of deluxe pet stores where they truly offer such guarantees.

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