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Arianna Jackson - Sat, Jan 30 2021
(Houston, TX)
My twin flame was born in the 6/7/2020 litter. She is so beautiful and full of life. From the moment I picked her up she has been so loving and happy. This was my first breeder experience — and I will ONLY come here for my next baby. Dahlia has brought so much happiness into my life and you will not regret getting a healthy happy baby from them. They even keep up with her progress and milestones. 10/10 highly recommend.
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Our most recent customers - Fri, Jan 22 2021
(Texas )
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Our recent customers - Sat, Jan 9 2021
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Our customers - Thu, Jan 7 2021
(South Texas )
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Our latest customers - Sun, Jan 3 2020
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Lovely customers - Tue, Dec 29 2020
(South Texas )
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Recent customers - Wed, Dec 23 2020
(South Texas )
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Our customers from this week - Sat, Dec 19 2020
(Corpus Christi and San Antonio )
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Our recent customers - Fri, Dec 11 2020
(Texas )
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Weekends release - Sat, Dec 5 2020
(Texas )
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Jennifer Rodriguez - Wed, Nov 25 2020
(San Antonio, TX)
We got our sweet puppy on September 12, 2020, so we’ve had him 2 1/2 months. He has the best disposition. Our vet was very impressed with his temperament. He’s precious and we adore him! Thanks, Cris and ABCpuppy!
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Today’s customers - Fri, Nov 20 2020
(Meeting in Corpus Christi )

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