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Kaitlyn - Mon, May 3 2021
Pretty good! They responded pretty quick and repectfully. They updated us about our dog and sent photos. Only bad thing: they gave my dog the shots by themselves,not from a vet.but I do recommend them,besides the shot thing. Reply from Abcpuppy: Yes we do and we follow exactly the same vaccine protocols and buy directly the same vaccinations from the same suppliers, we had veterinarians as customers and they use exactly the same brand we order. As long as an experienced person gives the vaccinations they are fine, some veterinarians will give extra shots just to be on the safe side which is perfectly fine.
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Lourena - Sun, May 2 2021
The whole experience was awesome!
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Shelly Hairell - Mon, Mar 15 2021
All of my worries about buying a puppy online were unfounded. Very responsive to texts. Flexible with delivery. Healthy puppy!! Vet was impressed with the puppy's health and information provided by the breeder. You'll be happy you found your new puppy here.
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Arianna Jackson - Sat, Jan 30 2021
(Houston, TX)
My twin flame was born in the 6/7/2020 litter. She is so beautiful and full of life. From the moment I picked her up she has been so loving and happy. This was my first breeder experience — and I will ONLY come here for my next baby. Dahlia has brought so much happiness into my life and you will not regret getting a healthy happy baby from them. They even keep up with her progress and milestones. 10/10 highly recommend.
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Our most recent customers - Fri, Jan 22 2021
(Texas )
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Our recent customers - Sat, Jan 9 2021
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Our customers - Thu, Jan 7 2021
(South Texas )
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Our latest customers - Sun, Jan 3 2020
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Lovely customers - Tue, Dec 29 2020
(South Texas )
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(South Texas )
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Our customers from this week - Sat, Dec 19 2020
(Corpus Christi and San Antonio )
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Our recent customers - Fri, Dec 11 2020
(Texas )

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