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Peggy Davidson - Wed, Oct 9 2019
We love our Bichpoo Sugar! She has a great personality and is fun to have in our home. She's been perfectly healthy. Thanks ABC Puppy!
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SCHROEDER FAMILY - Sat, Oct 5 2019
(Lakeside Texas )
We met in San Antonio
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Lisa Cook - Fri, Oct 4 2019
(Houston Texas )
We met in sugar land almost a year ago. Pictures include different stages of her life.
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Gytri Ramjit - Tue, Oct 1 2019
(Houston TX)
Purchased earlier this year.
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Nancy - Thu, Sep 26 2019
(Leander, TX)
We met in San Antonio tx.
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Supriya - Thu, Sep 26 2019
(San Antonio Texas )
We met in Petsmart in San Antonio
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Andrea - Wed, Sep 25 2019
(Illinois )
Receiving her second puppy today.
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Elise - Tue, Sep 24 2019
(Hummelstown, PA)
Received her puppy with United Airlines.
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Harry - Sun, Sep 15 2019
(Richmond RI)
Both delivered with United Airlines
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Kimberly - Fri, Sep 13 2019
(Kalispell MT)
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Jessica - Wed, Sep 11 2019
(San Antonio Texas )
We met in George west today.
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Norton family - Sun, Sep 8 2019
(Vidor Texas. )
We met in Houston

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