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Pick-ups only.
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Steve and Vicky Brantley - Mon, Apr 6 2020
(Arlington, Texas)
We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter puppy. Thanks you so much for your care and patience.
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Thompson Family - Sat, Apr 4 2020
(Waco Texas )
Another happy customer.
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Amanda Rucker - Sat, Apr 4 2020
(Dallas Texas )
Another happy customer
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Sterns family - Sat, Apr 4 2020
(Dallas Texas )
Picking up from Dallas Tx.
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Ralph Greeson - Sat, Mar 28 2020
(Houston Texas )
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Thian & Forest - Thu, Mar 26 2020
We love our little pup! He's been such a joy and Cristian was very helpful and patient with us as we had all sorts of questions before putting down the deposit and while waiting to get the puppy. He's very caring for the puppies and trying to only deliver healthy dogs which we appreciated. Thanks so much for giving us this joy!
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Linda Nguyen - Thu, Mar 26 2020
(Corpus Christi Texas )
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Jennifer Benton - Sat, Mar 21 2020
(College station )
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Taryn Fomby - Sat, Mar 21 2020
(Buffalo gap Tx )
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Jewel Le Blanc - Sat, Mar 21 2020
(Saginaw Tx )
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Thian and Forrest - Sat, Mar 21 2020
(Houston Tx )
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Melissa (Rypma) Ensing - Fri, Mar 20 2020
(Grand Rapids, MI)
I got both Sparty and Stella from you (01/06 and 09/06) They are now 13 & 14 years old and still a joy!

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