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6 Advantages of Having a Maltese Dog - a Must-read | Abc Puppy

6 Advantages of Having a Maltese Dog - a Must-read | Abc Puppy

 02/24/2022    Cristian

Maltese dogs are known for their warmth. These teeny-tiny creatures are the cutest creatures you'll ever see. They're known for being sweet and gentle companions who enjoy playing with children. Due to the nature of their fur and their loyal nature, Maltese dogs can usually be identified from other dog breeds like a pooch. Take a look at the information below to learn everything you need to know about getting a puppy of your own.

Maltese dogs are a delicate and affectionate breed:

These adorable pups enjoy being petted and cuddled, which is why their owners usually purchase them. The concept of "personal space" is meaningless to this breed; you can pet them 24/7, anytime, and they'll be delighted. They enjoy being in the spotlight and despise being ignored. Having a second dog or pet can be difficult because they can become jealous.

Low temperatures do not suit the Maltese:

Maltese dogs detest the cold, just like Chihuahuas and other small breeds from warm climates. A Maltese can quickly get the chills, catch a cold, or even become dehydrated when the weather is cold. If it's cold and rainy outside, you'll want to bring a puppy coat, sweater, or other covers with you.

These cute dogs are also fighters:

This isn't to say Maltese puppies aren't tenacious. These dogs aren't afraid to show off their dominance to strangers and don't back down from a fight. Unless you skipped their early socialization, they won't fight with other dogs in the park. However, if you let them loose in the dog park, you should keep a close eye on them.

Maltese are excellent with children:

Maltese are a very reliable breed for families because they are small, fluffy, gentle, and loving once trained how to behave around children. A Maltese can also get along with other dogs, cats, and other types of animals. There will be some socialization and training required, but sharing a home with other pets is not inherently difficult for Maltese.

This breed has a lot of energy:

Most people do not relate lapdogs to high energy, but Maltese dogs flout this stereotype. Although they do not require as much time in the park as some other dog breeds, the Maltese is primarily an indoor breed. If you don't have small children and don't have the opportunity to enjoy yourself with your fluffy white friend, you should get it a second dog or lots of new toys now and then.

Maintenance is essential for this breed:

Although it should go without saying, the Maltese's magnificent mane requires some attention. Brushing and combing are required daily, and a detangler spray and/or conditioning oil should be used regularly. Baths once a week are also beneficial. Apart from that, remember to check your Maltese's ears for infections and clip the puppy's nails regularly.

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